Thursday, February 17, 2011

Digital Art

So I haven't really been crafting much lately.  However, I got some wonderful spring elements over the weekend that I'll be working with very soon!  Currently I'm working on scanning images of the papers into my computer because I thought I might do some digital work in the near future. 

So my question to all you talented lovelies is...what program(s) do you recommend for such an endeavor?  Bear in mind that I'm a working stiff with little to no disposable income so Photoshop is definitely out.  I use it at work and it would be ideal, but I can't afford a personal copy of it.  So I'm looking for options.  I have Publisher and that works for layout, but it won't get rid of backgrounds. 

An alternate question to this dilemma is where to get digital elements that are ready to go (sans backgrounds).  Any input you're willing to share is hugely appreciated.  I know you guys have answers...I've seen your awesome work!

So stay tuned for new handcrafted and possibly digital artwork...I should have some to share very soon!

~ Heathen


Mina said...

I am in the same boat as you are, thin pockets and all. I use a program called. "collage creator" by ArcSoft. About 6 years ago Hubby picked me up a packet of matte paper and this disc was in it for free. Now this is certainly no photoshop but it does enough to get me by. All of the images on my blog that I do on challenges are done on this program.

Anyway, if your are interested I just found a free download of it here - - -

JoAnne said...

I wish I knew how to use photoshop. I am so drawn to digital art but totally clueless.
Anyway I know of a couple simple, free online programs where I've made buttons and small things for my blog.
As for digital elements, I know just about all the digital scrapbooking sites sell element packages pretty inexpensively.
Hope this helps!

Heathen said...

You guys are awesome, thank you for the links and advice! I'm working on handcrafted stuff today, but I'll keep you updated.