Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been reading a lot of your posts about Valentine's Day, and it seems the opinions on this day vary widely.  As for us, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in any traditional way.  We definitely don't go out to eat, and we usually don't even exchange gifts or flowers.  To us it just seems like a big waste of hard-earned money.  Once in a while we'll get a box of chocolates to share (cause that's just more fun!), but we know we love each other and don't feel the need to prove it once a year.  That being said, I have absolutely nothing against the traditional means of celebrating today.  It's just not for us.

Truthfully, I never even got around to putting out the Valentine's decorations this year.  It seems like it just snuck up on me this year.  What a slacker I've been!  Oh well, I can still put out the pretty flowers if I want to.

For those of you going out this evening, have a wonderful time and stay safe.  Happy Valentine's Day to all of us!

~ Heathen


Feathers and Flight said...

Hi Heathen!
Hope this finds you well and ready for Spring!
I am sorry I have fallen behind on getting Back to you. My Youngest Katelyn has been sick and Sporting a significant Fever. She is feeling a bit Better today. Relief! She was so Excited about your comments! You made her Day!
Thank you so Much for your Visits and Support! I still can't believe That my piece will be Published!
Happy Wednesday!

Mina said...

Diversity is the beauty in life, is it not?

Happy belated Valentine's Day!