Friday, February 11, 2011


I don't know what it is, maybe it's simply the promise of Spring, but I'm ready for a complete refreshing of everything.  You know, clean the house, organize closets and drawers, update the wardrobe, buy new beauty products, get a hair cut, start a container garden...the whole shebang!  Is anyone else out there feeling like this?

You know, they say that every seven years your body completely renews itself on a cellular level.  Now I don't know if that's true (or who "they" are), but it is a 7th year for me this summer so maybe that has something to do with it.  Or maybe I'm just waking up from my hibernation and itching for Spring to finally arrive.  Either way, I see a cleaning frenzy and a shopping spree in my near future!

Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Heathen


Leeanna said...

Just don't make any lists. ahahahhahhahahhahahahaaaa

Danni said...

Oh, it's not just you. While we're in the midst of packing the disarray of the house has started to drive me crazy and to top it off, I was wanting for a bit of a trim and before I knew it had taken the scissors to my hair myself~! It seems I managed an ok job. :)

Dark Mother said...

It's funny you write this because I trimmed my hair yesterday (Danni, hahaha!), opened all the windows (it was only in the thirties but I had to get this stale air out and fresh air in) re-arranged my son's room and playroom, organized some closets and cleaned my pretty little heart out. I've got more Spring cleaning on my list (ha ha ha Leeana) but I just felt like gettin' some done yesterday.

Mina said...

I am feeling it too. I think it is definitely spring approaching!

Róisín said...

You've made me feel really guilty because my house is a mess, and a lot of other areas of my life at the minute too, and I really couldn't be bothered doing anything about it! Maybe it's because I'm just leaving a seventh year. Ot the fact that Spring is taking an eternity to reach us and I've just not got the bug yet.

By the way, I really hope that whole cellular regeneration thing is true or else I'm screwed. It was pretty much my excuse for everthing back when I was a teenager!