Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Your Consideration

Okay friends, I need a little input from you all.  I'm considering hosting my own giveaway sometime this Spring and I'm wondering what you would like to see as a gift.  Tags, art boards, something else entirely?

This is your chance girls, majority rules, so tell me what you want.  I will be making the art myself, but I am happy to include something of yours if you're interested.

Just leave your ideas in the comments or send me a private email.  I look forward to reading your ideas!

~ Heathen


Mina said...

I love any kind of giveaway but tags are always sweet to receive. Or perhaps you have a certain specialty? Whatever you make will be wonderful!

Heathen said...

Thanks Mina for your input. As you can see, I didn't get a lot of response so I think I'll wait a bit on the giveaway. No worries!

magpiesoup said...

I`m a new follower and stumbled on your April first post. Love your style. as far as give-aways I love em all ...:) Something that is essentially you . Something that speaks your style. I'm always partial to books? anyway good job on your blog.