Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gone Thrifting

Today I succumbed to my girlie side and went thrifting at a few local consignment shops.  I found some beautiful pieces but my favorite looks something like this...
image found at
It is all white, more shabby/vintage than this one, with less glass and the top shelf is open.  I couldn't find a photo of the actual piece.  But alas, it is out of my price range.  Such a shame, wouldn't that be perfect for displaying seasonal decorations?  I figured I didn't really have a place to put it anyway.  That is until I came home and realized I have the perfect wall for it. *sigh*  Even though I didn't come home with this wonderfully perfect piece, I had so much fun looking through all the beautiful things and getting great ideas.  Definitely not a wasted trip!

And after feasting my eyes and daydreaming, I just had to re-watch the new Alice in Wonderland!  If you happen to have Netflix, they've finally added it to the instant streaming.
I just love this movie!  Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

~ Heathen

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Mina said...

Oh, very pretty! I still have not seen the new Alice in Wonderland. I know, what planet do I live on, right? I am going to make it a point to watch it now! Have a great weekend!