Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coconut Heaven

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Have you seen this yet?  Starbucks has a new drink on it's menu...the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino!  This thing is bliss in a cup.  And, they have the coconut flavored syrup so you can add it to any of your favorite Starbucks drinks!  How about adding a shot of it to their Orange Mango Smoothie?  As the barista said "It's like toes in the sand!"

Personally I LOVE coconut and there really hasn't been a signature flavor for the warmer months of the year.  There's the Pumpkin Spice starting in October, the Egg Nog starts in November, and of course the Peppermint and Gingerbread for the Holidays.  But nothing for Spring and Summer.  Well now there is and I'm doing a little happy dance about it!

As it turns out, they actually tried adding this flavor to their menu several years ago and it didn't last.  But enough people missed it that they finally brought it back.  I know a lot of you are Starbucks junkies as well and you may already know all about this...but I'm so excited I just had to share!  Enjoy!

~ Heathen


The Traveler said...

I haven't been to a starbucks in a while so I hadn't heard about this, but I too love coconut so I'm going to have to check this out!

Mina said...

I have not heard about this delightful addition but you can assure I will be looking for it at my next visit! YUM!!!

Dark Mother said...

Lover thy name is Mocha Coconut Frappuccino.