Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Magical Maintenace

Okay, I know it's only Friday and not "technically" the weekend.  But since I'm done with work for the week, it is officially the weekend for me.  With that said, today's post includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday maintenance.

For Friday the focus is all about love and happiness.  Al Green anyone?  Seriously now, Friday is ruled by Venus and the corresponding color is pink.  Some scents for today include vanilla, ylang-ylang, cardamom, thyme, or consider using sugar or honey as an ingredient in a simmering potpourri.

Saturday is appropriately ruled by Saturn.  The focus is on the home, particularly protection, boundaries, and comfort.  If you use a color candle go with brown and any "earthy" incense works well for today.

Finally Sunday which is, of course, ruled by the Sun.  Focus on inviting success and blessings into your home.  Use the colors of the Sun, yellow and gold.  Appropriate scents for this day include sandalwood, cedar, bay, cinnamon, or rosemary.

As always, none of this is set in stone so feel free to adapt to your personal tastes.  The key is to find what brings to your mind whatever the focus of the day is.  If vanilla doesn't make you think happy thoughts, for example, then use whatever scent does make you feel happy.  That's what will make your magical maintenance successful!

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