Monday, August 16, 2010

Seasonal Living Without Seasons

When you live in sunny Florida it can sometimes be hard to stay in tune with the seasons.  Around here we don't really get the crisp and colorful splendor of Fall or the amazing burst of new life in the Spring.  And while it does get cold (yes, cold) here in the Winter, there is no snow for the holidays.  Now, I don't miss having to shovel my driveway or slip 'n slide my way to work from December into March, but there's something to be said for the magic of that first snowfall and holiday shopping just isn't the same without a few flurries.

But by simply changing out some of your existing home decor with items that evoke the feeling of each season at least your home will celebrate each new turn of the wheel.  Use whatever feels right to you, there really is no steadfast rule (at least not in my home).  The point is, no matter where you live your life you can still have the feeling of each season and in-between time.  It just takes a little imagination and effort!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Great post!
I am a 3rd generation Floridian. My children are 4th. And you'd think that would mean that I just love it here, but I have always desperately wanted to live where there is a change in the seasons. That's why we travel to New England in the fall, to show our kids that there really are 4 seasons instead of perpetual summer...ha! Spring is my favorite time here. The weather is perfect and our yard is bursting with buds and new growth. But after that...I hide indoors through the hot summer, pining away desperately for the Autumn. Then once December and the holidays are over. I get the winter seasonal blues until Spring arrives. I'm extremely cold natured, so I detest the winter time. I sleep with an electric blanket into the summer!

But like you, I like to keep my house looking in season, even if the outside doesn't quite look like it. And I am grateful for being able to be outside more of the time than people in the North are, so I try not to be ungrateful for the things FL offers...just wish it had an Autumn! :o)

The Haven said...

I agree Wendy, and Autumn is my favorite time as well! I mean the food, the sweaters, boots, and fresh air! Plus the fact that my hair actually behaves when there's little to no humidity ;-). Thanks for visiting my site...and for being my first follower!