Monday, September 27, 2010

Balancing Act

Balance is a necessary part of every Seasonal, Magical, and everyday life.  I've come to learn this over the years and I know that sometimes it can be a real struggle.  When thinking about putting some balance in your life consider these three little words...Health, Wealth, and Happiness.  Too much of anything, even the good, is a bad thing.

Health as in taking care of your self.  Get some exercise, fresh air, and sunlight.  No need to join a gym or buy a roomful of expensive equipment that, let's face it, you'll probably only use once or twice.  Go for a walk around your local park if the weather is nice enough.  I try to do a form of Tai Chi every day (you can do this indoors or outside).  Not only is it good for my health, but it also calms the mind and you don't need any special equipment or gear.  I also use the Wii to get my butt off the couch.  And eat!  Of course you want to try to eat balanced meals, but do the best you can with what you have.

Now, when I say wealth I'm not talking about Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah kind of wealth.  Simply enough...enough to live your life instead of just getting by.  That will mean something different for everyone at different times in your life, you have to find what works for you.  Keep at it and you will.

And finally happiness.  Take some time every single day to do something that just makes you happy.  Something that has absolutely nothing to do with health or wealth.  It may be watching a movie with your family, reading a couple chapters in a new book, or hanging out with your friends.  Anything that simply makes you happy with no other motive but to be happy.

Try to spend time on each of these three things every day and you'll find your life becoming less chaotic & stressful and more fulfilling and rewarding.  Everything in life is about balance, the key is to find the balance in your life.

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