Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Happened to Fall?

Just last week I was saying how nice the weather was, you could actually feel Summer leaving and Autumn creeping in.  Somewhere between then and now, Summer has found it's way back!  Temperatures are back in the 90's with well over 50% humidity.  Ugh.  Hopefully we'll see some more cool weather here in Florida soon.  We don't get the changing leaves here, so cooler temperatures and lower humidity are the best we can hope for.  I do hope all you northeners are enjoying this beautiful time of year.  Please, post some pics so we southerners can at least feel like we're a part of it too!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said... husband said the storm was sucking the humidity out of our weather as it traveled up the coast. And as soon as it left, back came the heat and humidity. I am so looking forward to some cooler weather!

The Haven said...

I'm soooo over Summer!