Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Third Day of Halloween

I have started my Halloween decorating and have decided to share with you one creepy corner at a time.  Now I know the most logical place to start would be my front door, but I can't seem to get my wreath the way I want it yet.  So instead, we'll start with the entryway...who's that peeking around the corner you ask?  You'll just have to scroll on down to find out...

The first thing you see when you walk in.
close-up of the hanging jack
close-up of my Halloween broom
it's Zero, the very first Kindergoth I ever bought
here's a better look at him

As you can tell, he's quite old and has been through a lot.  But he still makes his annual appearance!  This year we gave him a pet demon mouse (one of the cat's toys) and charged him with guarding the cauldron.

More decorations to come throughout the month so stay tuned!

~ Heathen


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Ha...I've never heard of or seen a kindergoth? before! He's cute! We did some outside decorating today. It took us all day long to remake our 10ft scarecrow...but he's awesome. And the weather was so nice, it really felt like Fall! :o)

The Haven said...

We found him at Hot Topic one day years ago. Your scarecrow sounds cool, I can't wait to see him! And the weather is supposed to beautiful all week down here, hooray for Fall!