Friday, December 17, 2010

One More Week...

That's right it's crunch time, only one week left!  This time next week we'll be in the thick of it so, if you aren't done and ready (and I know I'm not), here's what to do this week...
Shopping List- If you buy your gifts, get them now.  If you make your gifts and still have some to go, get those remaining supplies you need.  This will give you time to wrap them and you don't want to get to the store only to find the item you wanted is gone for the season!  Don't forget, make sure you have all the food, paper goods, and wrapping supplies you're going to need.

Decorating -  Take a good look around, make sure you put out all the decorations you wanted to, and put the boxes/bins away.  That's it, no more this year.  Step away from the Christmas bin!

Baking - Okay, I don't do this part beyond Toll House cookies.  But if you do, the time is now.  If your family has a tendency to eat all the Christmas goodies BEFORE Christmas (like mine does), make and refrigerate or freeze the dough.

Cleaning - I can hear you all groaning even as I type this, but it has to be done. Trust me, you'll enjoy your Holiday so much more!  Put everything away and give your place a good cleaning (with cleaning products and everything), dust, run the vacuum and light a few seasonal scented candles.  Ahh, doesn't that feel better?

Now pause, put on your favorite Christmas music or movie, pour yourself a nice glass of wine or a yummy mug of cocoa and move on to the last step...

Wrapping - It doesn't matter if you use gift bags, pre-decorated boxes, craft paper, or meticulously wrap and adorn each gift like Martha.  They all get wrapped (except for the "Santa" gifts for the kiddies).

That's it, now you're done!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the result of all your efforts!

~ Heathen


D.Suplicki said...

Oh goodness, I have all of my supplies and store bought goodies together but when the husband and I decided to do 'from us' gifts this year and picked a few of these projects we definitely didn't take into consideration the fact that I'm the only one who sews/crochets.

I'll be popping on more than a few of my favorite movies this weekend while I work away at a few blankets and scarf sets that are halfway done, or even a little less. Yikes!

Dark Mother said...

Got all of that done except for the cleaning....I've been sick, but I'm going to tackle this house on Monday. Besides, I've been told on it's dirtiest days my house is still cleaner than most. I have some OCD issues I guess.

Happy Yule!

Heathen said...

Ha ha! You can do it Danni!

Dark Mother, I hear the same thing from my family and friends. I'm not quite Monica from Friends, but it's close.

Róisín said...

I need to print this out and stick it on my wall! I thought I was almost ready but reading this I've realised how little time's left...eek! I usually like to get everything done a few days before Christmas Eve so I can sit back and relax, though in reality that never happens! I actually enjoy most of the things on this list, but yes I did groan at the cleaning. Out loud at that. Anyway, good luck with all your festive preparation and have a lovely weekend!

Roisin x