Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day

Next Sunday, June 19th, is known in the U.S. and a lot of other places around the world as Father's Day.  Every year on the 3rd Sunday of June we honor our fathers or father figures.

So what do you give the man who has everything or wants nothing (and doesn't need a tie)?  That all depends on the man in question.  In my experience, most men don't really like the spectacle of receiving gifts in front of other people.  It seems to makes them feel awkward.  So instead of wrapping up a pretty gift, consider doing something for or with the man of honor.

Host a backyard barbecue for the family and you've got a nice Father's Day for both Dad and Hubby.  Give Hubby the weekend off from that honey-do list and let him spend his time on the computer, or in front of ESPN, or whatever it is he likes to do.  Take your Dad out to breakfast, just the two of you.

If you don't live nearby, send him a book you read or CD you listened to that you think he would enjoy.  Don't wrap it up, just send it with a little note.  Or, if he's computer literate, send him links to authors or artists you want to share with him.  Whatever you decide to do, please don't give the poor man another tie (unless of course he actually needs one).

~ Heathen


The Traveler said...

We tend to just go out to eat, the men get to choose where. That and letting my hubby play around on the computer all day seems to make them all happy =).

Róisín said...

Three times a year, every year I go through this dilemma! It's Father's Day on Sunday here too and once again I'm completely stumped :( I think your idea about the CD would be best for my dad: he works ALL the time and hates going out for dinner; there's nothing he needs or wants; he doesn't drink, smoke or play any sports; and on top of everything he has a beard so I can't even buy him nice fancy shaving stuff or anything! A nightmare. He does have a sweet tooth but I can't buy him Jelly Babies for every occasion! Can I?

Anyway, thanks for the post. You've really got the auld grey cells working after this one!

Roisin x