Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Putting the House to Bed

Before I settle in for the night I like to "put the house to bed".  Let me explain.  Prior to actually going to bed for the night I like to have some time to settle in and relax, usually in front of the TV since that requires minimal brain power.  But before that, I like to get my house in order; make sure the kitchen is clean, put away anything I dragged out during the evening, basically put things back in their proper place.  I call this putting the house to bed.  By doing this, the house feels calmer and more peaceful and therefore I can relax and feel calm.

Now, because this is the real world, I don't live alone, and we all keep different hours, this doesn't always happen.  Let's face it, sometimes life just gets in the way and life is more important than an orderly house.  I refuse to stay up late to do "chores".  But there is something almost meditative about the simple routine act of putting things in order each night.  I'm not talking Spring cleaning here, not even cleaning really, just tidying up and shutting things off.  All I know is that it helps me fall asleep faster, sleep better, and get off to a good start in the morning.

~ Heathen


SpiritWings said...

This is so true! I too do the very same thing. I find that time of the evening to be a kind of "me time" The house is normally quite after 10pm which leaves me as much time as I desire. (since I am not a night owl even an hour to myself in the quite of the evening can be heaven!! lol)

D.Suplicki said...

What a great idea! I somehow always manage to end up doing all of that stuff when I wake up, which makes for a less than fabulous wake up. I think I'll have to try to incorporate some of this into my nightly routine. :)

Jeanne said...

I know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing, as did my Mom. The House and its occupants all seem to rest better. And the morning vibrations are much calmer and joyful.
And the evening ritual gives me a chance to 'put to rest' the days events.

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh I can completely relate to what you've shared here, I think it's something in the chi of the house that just calms things down when everything is where it should be. Sadly that does not always happen around here either.