Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to the Holiday Season

Image found at Remodeling My Space here.
The magical time of year is upon us again.  Life in Florida means no snow, not even flurries, but we still get that tingly and sparkly feeling.  Especially when the decorations start to be seen around town on the streetlights, the red cups come out at Starbucks (there's just something about those silly cups), and let's not forget the holiday music, movies and specials.  While we may not get to go sledding or build snowmen we still get into the holiday spirit.  The decorations have been brought out and the tree is up.  Planning for the holiday meal is in progress.  And there are even a few gifts under the tree already!  The holiday music playlist is ready and the movies have all been queued.

This is the time of year when we feel closest to our spiritual path, whatever that may be.  It's a time for twinkling lights, jingling bells, flickering candles, scents of home and the warm feelings that come with all of it.  When you start to stress over the gifts and the trappings, stop and remember what your celebrating and what it all really means to you.  Never forget that there is magic in everything, especially during this season.  Happy holidays to all!

~ Heathen


The Traveler said...

I wish I could decorate a tree like that. I just don't have the talent but I love to look at them!

D.Suplicki said...

This will be my first holiday season in the South and being someone who is accustomed to copious amounts of snow at yule time, it will take some adjusting.

It certainly hasn't dampened my spirits yet though! Our tree is up and decorated. :)